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Terms and Conditions
By registering and placing a request to Suruchi Art Gallery the following terms and conditions apply:
1. The price of the artwork listed does not include duties, taxes, shipping and handling which will be charged as applicable. The information provided during registration or amended at the time of finalizing a purchase shall be the final billing and shipping address for delivery of the artworks.

2. All invoices will be raised by Suruchi Art Gallery based on the registration or amended information provided by the buyer and payments will be accepted only from the registered buyer. In the event that a payment is recieved from elsewhere, it may either be returned or result in a delay in processing the order until decision by the management.

3. The artworks will be delivered / shipped to the buyer once all necessary documentation, pertaining to transportation, tax, etc. are completed and the payment has been realized in full including all relevant additional charges. In transit insurance costs will be included in such additional charges, unless specifically advised otherwise by the buyer.

4. In the event that the buyer chooses to collect the artworks himself from Suruchi Art Gallery he must do so within two weeks of clearing the payments. If the artworks are not collected within this time frame, storage and insurance costs will be applicable at the complete discretion of Suruchi Art Gallery .

5. Suruchi Art Gallery is authorized to exercise complete discretion in (i) the illustration and description of artworks for viewing and sale and (ii) acceptance or rejection of orders received.

6. All artworks displayed on the website are supported with an Authenticity Guarantee from the seller. Suruchi Art Gallery will issue the same for every artwork sold from its website.

7. Suruchi Art Gallery is not obligated to provide any physical preview of the artwork either before or after the sale. It is in no way liable for the condition of the artwork. Condition reports are provided on request and are based on the information provided by the seller. In the event that Suruchi Art Gallery is of the view that there is a significant difference in the physical work compared to its appearance on the website, an email will be sent to the buyer regarding these differences and Suruchi Art Gallery will await the buyer’s decision to proceed with the order.

8. All foreign currency exchange rates for the purchase are made on the existing market value at the time of purchase. The prices have been rounded off for ease of reference and do not necessarily reflect the exact exchange rate used for calculation during invoicing.

9. All the information furnished at the time of registration is assumed to be accurate and any change must be intimated to Suruchi Art Gallery immediately. Suruchi Art Gallery is entitled to act on the basis of the information provided and may seek further information, clarification or verification, it may deem necessary.
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